What Sodas and Sugary Drinks are Doing To Your Teeth and How to Protect Them

Well we all love that refreshing sports drink or soda after a workout, a long day, or at the movies. We don’t think much of it or about what it does to our body. At this point, we’re all pretty aware of the effects of processed sugar and soda on our physical health and the propensity for these drinks to cause weight gain and bad sugar crashes. Perhaps one less talked about aspect of these particular drinks is how they affect our oral health. We thought we’d take a look at just how some of these drinks can affect our teeth and what we can do about it.

Soda consumption and tooth decay have been strongly linked in the past. While the connection between sodas and type 2 diabetes and obesity have also been closely linked, many people don’t often consider their teeth when they drink juices high in sugars or other sodas. Sodas will have an effect on your smile and can potentially lead to cavities. When a person drinks soda, the sugars interact with bacteria in the mouth and form a kind of acid. It is the formation of this acid that creates the tooth decay on the tooth enamel. This acid interacts negatively with your teeth. If you are sipping soda all day or do it regularly, your teeth are under constant assault.

And while the occasional soda doesn’t necessarily mean your teeth will rot away, the frequent ingestion puts you at risk for erosion and cavities. A couple ways to mitigate this include:

  • Stay hydrated: Staying hydrated is important no matter what, but making sure you get enough water will help fight off some of these acids.
  • Drink with a straw and keep the sugar away from your teeth.
  • Swish your mouth with water to rinse off the acid
  • If you have a tooth brush available, you can brush about half an hour after you drink. Avoid brushing immediately after, as the teeth have just been attacked with the acid, so brushing immediately might do more harm than good.

Regular Dentists Visits Keep the Cavities Away

According to many experts the lack of water is a big culprit for daytime fatigue. So staying hydrated is not only good for your teeth but for your overall health. One of the main ways to mitigate the effects of all these acid attacks on your teeth is by visiting your dentist regularly and ensuring that you are monitoring your teeth health. A dentist will be able to identify a cavity or something abnormal and catch a problem before it grows or get worse.

People often forget that your oral health is tied to your overall health. Bad oral hygiene and health will have significant effects on your overall well-being. It can lead to bacteria in your body, certain infections, illnesses, or a low immune system.

Here at Lee Trevino Dental, we ensure that your teeth are being well cared for and there is no sneaking cavities trying to hijack your oral health. Whether you are looking for a routine checkup and cleaning or feeling a little sensitivity, never forget about visiting your dentist. We are here for you!

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