Dental Exams in El Paso

Keeping Your Smile Healthy and Bright

We all want bright, healthy smiles. Dental exams—along with routine brushing and flossing—can make it happen! Dental exams are recommended twice a year for people of all ages. They help to ensure you’re brushing and flossing adequately, that you don’t have any underlying conditions such as cavities, and to keep your smile nice and bright. 

Here at Lee Trevino Dental, we take care of our clients by ensuring that making regular appointments is easy. We do our best to make sure you are comfortable, and we make appointments as convenient as possible, so you can stay on top of all your dental needs.

What to Expect During Your Dental Exams

During your biannual exams, you’ll meet with both a hygienist and a dentist for a cleaning, routine checkup, x-rays, and more. Here are a few things you can expect: 

A Good Cleaning: At each of your appointments you can expect a thorough cleaning along with your dental exams. Our hygienists use special tools to scrape tartar from the gum line and remove plaque. They will also polish and floss your teeth. The smooth surface not only feels pleasantly clean afterwards but it will make it difficult for plaque to build up again. If you make teeth cleanings a priority, your teeth will be in great condition and you’ll avoid several medical complications.

A Thorough Examination of Your Teeth: During your exam, look for signs of decay with specialized equipment. This is why regular exams are so important. Catching tooth decay, cavities, and other issues as soon as possible is the key to avoiding major oral surgery, diseases, and loss of your teeth. Your dentist will look for swelling, red gums or deep pockets that have formed because of excess bacteria or tartar, which are all indications of gum disease. We will also look for signs of teeth grinding, over or under bites, and examine the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull for any problems.

An Examination of Other Areas: Our dentist will check your neck, lymph glands, palate, and the soft tissue in your mouth for other serious signs that something may be wrong. Routine checks ensure that we find the problem early on so we can take care of it right away. The earlier we find the issues, the better the results will be. 

Conduct X-Rays: You can expect to receive x-rays at least once a year. X-rays allow us to find issues that may not be noticeable to the naked eye. 

Our dentist will perform all of these tasks to ensure you are free of oral cancer, tooth decay, or other complications. 

Pediatric Dental Exams

The dental care we provide to children varies according to age. Young children are normally accompanied by a parent. We welcome children of all ages for exams. You may be asked to hold your child in your lap or on a table to keep them calm. Our dentist or hygienist will evaluate drinking and eating habits and discuss tooth decay. Our dentist will use a wet toothbrush until your child is one year old, removing plaque or deposits. The exam will be simple until your child has developed all of his or her teeth. Our dental professionals will also examine the neck, jaw, and soft tissue of the mouth. We will also discuss the impact of habits like drinking sugary drinks, eating candy, pacifiers, and thumb sucking.

When your child turns two, they will start receiving X-rays and a more intensive exam. Your child will be examined for over and underbites as well as signs of tooth decay. Additionally, he or she will receive sealants to protect the teeth from possible decay. As your child ages, our dentists will make recommendations concerning orthodontic treatment if necessary. It’s vital that young children begin regular exams from an early age to model proper oral hygiene and become comfortable with visits to the dentist’s office.

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Here at Lee Trevino Dental, we are dedicated to helping you maintain the highest level of oral hygiene for your whole family. We take great pride in our superior care so you can always maintain a beautiful smile! Make your appointment with us today.

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