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Solutions for Painful Oral Issues

Though our teeth are strong, they are not indestructible. If you’ve ever chipped or broken a tooth, you’re well aware of how painful and troublesome it can be. Whether you’ve damaged a tooth or it has decayed, there are solutions available to restore your smile to its original state and strengthen your oral health.

In addition to general dentistry, we’re also proud to provide dental restoration services such as dental crowns, bridges, and veneers. Determining whether you require dental crowns, bridges, or veneers is a simple process. Simply schedule your appointment and we’ll provide you with the best path forward. Before long, your oral health issues will be a thing of the past! Look below to learn more about our dental restoration services.

Dental Crowns

What Are They?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap a dentist places over a problematic tooth. “Problematic” can mean a plethora of things. In general, singular decayed, misshapen, or broken teeth are perfect candidates for dental crowns. The dental crown restores the size, shape, and strength of the problematic tooth. When applied, the crown covers the entire visible portion of the tooth.

What Are Dental Crowns Used For?

Dentists use crowns in several instances. Often, a crown is used to protect a weak tooth from decay, restore a broken tooth, or cover a tooth with a large filling. A large filling can cause a tooth to be weak or prone to cracking. If a tooth with a large filling shows signs of cracking or fracturing, your dentist may decide to replace it with a crown. We may also apply crowns to hold a dental bridge in place, cover a dental implant, or make a cosmetic modification.

What Are Dental Crowns Made Of?

Dental crowns are made from several different materials. Generally, they will perfectly match the appearance of the natural tooth. Most people won’t notice a difference. Oftentimes, crowns are made out of metal, porcelain, ceramic, or resin. If a patient has a cracked, painful tooth, a crown will not only make the tooth look better, but will also help resolve the problem. Some patients request a filling instead, but getting a filling doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t require a crown later down the road. Fillings simply don’t offer the protection that crowns do. If the filling is large, it could cause the tooth to crack, which is why we often opt for dental crowns instead.

What Can I Expect from the Application Process?

The application process requires the dentist to first remove the decayed/damaged portion of the tooth. If necessary, the cavity may be filled. What remains of the tooth will then be prepared by your dentist. This will be the space where the crown will go. A temporary crown will be placed over the prepared tooth until the permanent crown is fabricated. Once the permanent crown is ready, it will be affixed over the natural tooth with dental cement. Permanent crowns are manufactured to look exactly like your other natural teeth, from the shape to the shade of the crown itself. Once it’s placed and it’s fully adhered, your smile will look good as new.

Will I Have to Change My Eating Habits After My Dental Crown is Placed?

Temporary crowns are not as resilient as their permanent counterparts so your dentist will provide you with guidance on how to avoid damaging the temporary crown. Once your permanent crown is ready, you can rest easy as permanent crowns are highly resilient to damage. They are not as strong as natural teeth, however, so you may have to change your eating habits to avoid damaging the crown. We don’t mean avoiding eating certain foods outright, but it’s recommended you chew away from the dental crown. For example, if you’re planning on eating steak or a pretzel and you have a crown over a tooth that’s on the right side of your mouth, make sure to chew on the left side. Remember, this is all very general so if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist or call Lee Trevino Dental.


In some cases, you might lose a tooth or need to have a tooth extracted because of significant damage or infection. Dentists often apply a dental bridge to “bridge” a gap between teeth. A bridge consists of a crown for the two adjacent teeth and a false tooth in between. Bridges serve several purposes. They can be used to keep teeth from drifting out of position or to properly distribute a person’s bite force. They also restore the appearance of one’s smile and make it more comfortable to speak and chew. Losing a tooth doesn’t have to be the end of a perfect smile or your ability to chew. There’s a permanent option if you lose your teeth because of irreversible issues that can restore both beauty and function.


Veneers are thin coverings that can be added to teeth to improve their appearance. While only cosmetic, veneers are great because they can give you more confidence in your smile, especially if you struggle with yellow or damaged teeth. We work with porcelain veneers, aiming to make them look natural and the same color as your real teeth, so they look as natural as possible. This way, your smile can be more beautiful than ever before.

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