Teeth Cleaning in El Paso

We all know the old adage—we should brush our teeth regularly (ideally two to three times a day) and flossing every day will keep teeth healthy and pearly white. This is completely true! However, to ensure our teeth and gums stay as healthy as they can be, it’s also important to visit the dentist twice a year for professional teeth cleaning. While brushing and flossing can help keep teeth healthy, there are just certain things they can’t achieve such as reach every single nook and cranny of our mouth or defeat tartar once it starts to build up. 

At Lee Trevino Dental, we can provide you with thorough deep teeth cleaning that’ll keep your smile bright and your teeth healthy. 

How Does Professional Cleaning Help My Health?

Brushing and flossing work to remove plaque and bacteria, freshen your breath, and to keep your teeth shiny and white. However, we still may have “problem areas” or unseen issues with our teeth. Professional teeth cleaning helps us by cleaning these troublesome areas, removing excess tartar—something that can’t be removed simply by brushing or flossing—and identifying any issues that may arise without us realizing it, like cavities, soft spots, and gum disease. 

By ensuring we keep up with professional teeth cleaning, we can avoid serious issues. For example, a buildup of bacteria in our mouths may cause heart disease, periodontal disease, tooth loss, and other serious issues with worse repercussions. 

At Lee Trevino Dental, our dentist and hygienists utilize the latest in technology, education, and methodology to clean, treat, diagnose, and take care of your smile—and this process all begins with the same thing: routine cleanings. We highly recommend you to stay on top of your appointments and we make it easy to do so, so you don’t have to worry!

What Can I Expect During My Cleaning?

Aside from a clean, sparkling smile afterward, you can expect the following from your routine cleanings: 

All of this happens while you’re sitting comfortably in one of our dental chairs. You’ll receive gentle care from our hygienists and be satisfied with the way your mouth feels by the end of your appointment. 

Schedule Your Next Teeth Cleaning at Our Office Today!

Lee Trevino Dental offers high-quality dental care to families in the Sun City. We have the team, tools, and technology needed to provide you with the best dental care. If you want a bright, healthy smile and to know your oral health is good, getting routine teeth cleanings is the way to go! 

Ready to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted? Don’t wait any longer. Schedule an appointment at our office today. We’re ready and willing to help you maintain your oral health. Call today!

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