Useful Tips to Get Children To Love Brushing Their Teeth

As a parent, you know that teaching kids is all about being consistent, honest, and creative. Kids will really make you think about everyday things that we take for granted. For them, building healthy habits begins early and the most effective way to do this is by implementing into their everyday routine and making it an enjoyable experience. So if you’re struggling how to approach your child’s oral health habits, here are a few key tips. 

Make it an event! You’ll be surprised what you can get kids excited about when approached in the right tone. So, instead of making teeth brushing as a forced activity that they have to do, approach it as an adventure, as something fun and exciting. 

Join them in the fun. Simply ordering your kids to go brush their teeth might not always do the trick. If they see you do it, however, they might want to join in. Invite them to come with you and demonstrate the best way to brush their teeth, teach them how long is a good amount of time to brush, and how to rinse properly. 

Add music or a story. Kids react to music and storytelling in a very positive way. Why not implement their favorite song while they are brushing their teeth. This can help ensure they brush for the recommended two minutes or more. 

Reward good habits. It is common knowledge, after all, that rewarding good behavior leads to the successful implementation of good habits. So find a reward that motivates your child. This might be coming up with a point system that leads to a bigger reward, maybe stickers, choosing the bedtime story, or participating in an activity they like. Get creative! 

How to Build Good Habits

If you’re a parent, you likely have a dozen things on your plate every day. Anything and everything from work, school, household chores, and responsibilities to other duties, we know that it is difficult to fit in everything. Yet, one of the most important things you can do for your child is to inculcate what is important and emphasize the need for taking care of themselves and their health. Teaching your child how to care for their own well-being is one of the most important things to instill in them. So how do you make sure that these habits stay with them?

Build them into their routine. You’re busy and your day is hectic. So one effective way to build healthy habits into your kids is simply by embedding it into the routine. Pick a time every day to do it in and stick with it. If they know, for example, that brushing their teeth is necessary every night at 8 p.m., you will be far more successful in building this for them. They will naturally build a habit of associating that time with the task of brushing teeth. 

Explain their importance. There are plenty of games and demonstrations you can do to teach your child the consequences of bad oral health. Look up some games online and find ways to educate your kids about what happens to bad teeth. Knowledge is power and by giving them the understanding of the importance of what they are doing, they are more likely to pick up that responsibility and embrace it. 

Arm Them With Good Health Habits and Long Term Benefits

Teaching your child to brush his teeth every day and after meals will not only help them keep their teeth clean in the present but give them a lifetime of good oral health habits that will stay with them for the long term and ensure good oral health throughout their lives. Here at Lee Trevino Dental we care about your family’s oral health and ready to serve you when problems arise or when it’s time for your regular maintenance.

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