When is Tooth Extraction the Right Solution?

dentist removing tooth from a patient's mouth with dental tools Tooth extraction is often a solution for people who have dental issues. However, when you have a tooth taken out, it can be a big deal. You could potentially face risks of your other teeth shifting into the gap. An experienced dental professional at Lee Trevino Dental can help patients in El Paso decide if a tooth extraction is an appropriate dental procedure. If there are other solutions, such as using a root canal and crowns, may be a good procedure that can help restore a damaged tooth.

When Is Tooth Extraction Right for You?

One of the most common situations in which people have teeth extracted is when they have wisdom teeth that need to come out. If your wisdom teeth are becoming impacted or taking up too much space in your mouth, removal may be the best thing for you. If a tooth breaks or becomes badly damaged, you may also need a tooth extraction. This way, you can remove the tooth from your mouth.

What Happens During and After a Tooth Extraction?

During a tooth extraction, a qualified dentist must remove the tooth in a safe way that does not do damage to your gums and that deals with the root of the tooth. You will have topical Novocaine for this procedure to numb the discomfort associated with the extraction.  If the tooth is badly damaged, it may be necessary for a surgical tooth extraction to take place. In most cases, however, extraction can just be done in the office by a skilled dentist. You will need to be cautious about the foods you consume over the days following the extraction. Your mouth should generally heal quickly. Afterwards, you can determine what additional steps, if any, you wish to take to deal with the missing tooth.dentist holding a tool with a tooth that has been recently extracted

Getting Your Problem Tooth Extracted, Today!

If you need a tooth extraction, Lee Trevino Dental can help you. We have assisted many patients in El Paso who need to have problem teeth taken out. Give us a call today to find out more about the extraction process and the services we provide.


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