Signs that Say Your Wisdom Teeth are Coming In 

No one really knows the purpose of wisdom teeth. A normal pair of molars are more than enough for us to eat comfortably. The fact that we have wisdom teeth, especially the fact that they come out in a person’s late teens or 20s, has left many people curious. In addition to their unknown purpose, they can leave people in a lot of pain. Some people experience pain, others may not, it varies! Pain is not the only indicator of your wisdom teeth coming in. There are many other signs that say your wisdom teeth are ready to come out. Let’s take a look! 

Irritation in the Gums

This is one of the more common signs when it comes to wisdom teeth. You may experience swelling in the gums even around your molars. Sometimes, the gums will flare and may not be painful at all. The gums may be more prone to irritation, as well, when your wisdom tooth make their appearance. This is nothing too alarming as it can happen with most people whose wisdom teeth are growing.

Aches and Pains

Most people who plan to get their wisdom teeth taken out aim to do so because of the pain and aches they bring. Aches are not always extreme. Wisdom-teeth aches can be dull, therefore, they are not always painful, they might just be uncomfortable. Although, aches and pain can become more frequent and constant. The longer you keep your wisdom teeth, the more that the pain will grow and worsen. Anytime you feel any pain with your teeth, including your wisdom teeth, you should let your dentist know right away. 

Small White Specks

When wisdom teeth start growing, people often mistake them for food stuck in the gums or tonsil stones. People don’t really notice that their wisdom teeth are coming once those white specks become bigger and more noticeable. Don’t worry, this is rather common. Oftentimes, people won’t easily notice their teeth because they may not be in pain, either. For many people, this is the only way they discover that their wisdom teeth are growing. 


Your gums will swell and it can become rather difficult to chew and eat as one normally would. The swelling can last for days, weeks, and sometimes, months. As we have noted, the swelling, or any pain for that matter, can vary. Swelling can go on for days and you could wake up feeling completely relieved the next. No one can perfectly predict how the growth of wisdom teeth will affect you, but swelling is a very possible effect. 

Pain in Surrounding Areas

Not only may you experience pain where your wisdom teeth are growing, but you might also experience it in surrounding areas. For some people, wisdom teeth bring the rest of the teeth tighter, closer together, and compact. This can sore the gums of the teeth and cause aches in other areas, especially where the teeth are the tightest. Wisdom teeth are infamous for applying pressure on the nerves that could also go as far as hurting the jaw, eyes, and ears. Pretty much anything in relatively close proximity to your teeth can ache.  

Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth, just like any other part of your body, can only take up so much pressure. Some people will find their teeth to be more sensitive, therefore it can be harder to eat hard or cold foods. When this happens, you should seek dental care right away because it will only become more difficult to eat certain foods and sensitivity can immediately progress. This is a sign that can possibly indicate a more serious concern in your dental health. 

Difficulty Opening Your Mouth

If you have recently noticed pain when you open your mouth, wisdom teeth are often the culprit. Because of the inflammation that wisdom teeth can bring, it harms nearby teeth as deep as the jaw bone. This is also one of the more concerning signs of wisdom teeth growth. Your jaw can lock if you place too much pressure on it when trying to open your mouth wide, so it is highly recommended that you get seen by a dentist right away to address the situation. 

Get High-Quality Dental Care at Lee Trevino Dental

Everyone is different. Some people may never experience pain at all, for others, the growth of wisdom teeth is excruciating. No matter what the pain is like, we want to be able to help. Contact us today to learn how you can get started with wisdom teeth extraction. 

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