Scrumptious and Beneficial Foods for Your Dental Health

We are always told to stray away from chips, soda, and candy as these foods are infamous for sitting on and rotting our teeth over time. Although we are never really told which foods our dental health can actually benefit from. Just like the way vitamin C in our leafy greens keeps us growing and developing and just like the source of iron from red meat sustains our immune systems, there are vitamins that can directly support and strengthen our teeth. Potassium and phosphorus are the minerals we need if we don’t want to face the painful sight of cavities and rotten gums. There is a wide variety of foods you can start to incorporate more into your diet if you want the pearly whites you dream of!


Black and green tea are abundant with compounds known as polyphenols, which function to slow the growth of bacteria that is mostly associated with cavities and gum disease. If you are not fond of consuming tea, researchers have found that even simply rinsing your mouth with black or green tea a couple of times throughout the day can decrease the buildup of plaque.  


Believe it or not, cheese helps to reduce the amount of acid produced in your mouth. Dairy foods tend to be many people’s guilty pleasure, so this just might work in your favor. Instead of eating yogurt or drinking a glass of milk, you can consume cheese as a dairy alternative. You’ll come to find that it washes out extra bacteria and reduce plaque acid. 


Raisins are a perfect source of naturally sweet foods you can eat to strengthen your teeth. These dried grapes are rich in phytochemicals, that are found to kill cavity-causing plaque and bacteria. 

Crunchy Foods

Not everyone is a fan of cheese, raisins, or tea, so thankfully there is also the option of crunchy foods. Carrots, apples, celery, and cucumbers require a lot of strength from your jaw- which is actually beneficial! Because of the amount of crunching your teeth needs to break down these foods it can cleanse every little corner you usually have a hard time reaching.

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