How to Care for Your Dentures

a lovely elderly couple with dentures hugging and smilingDentures are removable replacements for lost or missing teeth. They can help you to regain the self-confidence that comes with an attractive smile. However, care is required if you want to avoid damaging your dentures and want to keep them looking good. At Lee Trevino Dental, we offer assistance for any oral health issues you may be facing. 

The Right Way to Clean Your Dentures

Just like your brush your teeth twice a day, your dentures should be cleaned twice a day. This will help to reduce the incidents of infection and help protect you from losing more teeth. However, there is a right and wrong way to clean them. Begin by using a denture cleaning paste as regular toothpaste can damage them. In addition, it is recommended that you use cold water because hot water can cause them to warp. Brush the dentures to ensure that there are no food particles stuck to them. Then, soak them in a dissolavble denture cleaner. Finally, brush again before inserting them into your mouth. Be sure to read the labels on anything you intend to purchase or ask your dentist for recommendations.

Other Factors to Consider

Teeth whitening products are not recommended for dentures. If you feel that your dentures have become discolored, ask your dentist to take a look and/or suggest a professional cleaning. Also, consider drinking less coffee, tea, and/or red wine as these are stain culprits. In addition, you should never sleep in your dentures as this can lead to infections. Instead, leave them in a special soak so that they do not crack or warp.

Also, continue to keep your regular appointments at the dentist, even if you do not have any more natural teeth. He or she can check for tartar buildup can affect how the fit in your mouth. Additionally, dentists are the first to notice the signs of oral cancer and other diseases of the mouth. 

Choose Lee Trevino Dental, Today!

Before you do anything, it is best to discuss your options with your dentist. He or she will inform you of what the procedures are, how long it will take to prepare your mouth for dentures, when you can expect to receive them, and the costs associated with them. He or she can also help you with talking and eating with your new teeth. If you believe that you are a good candidate for dentures or are in need of another dental procedure and are in the El Paso area, contact Lee Trevino Dental. They have been making people smile since 1977.

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