Fostering Positive Oral Health Habits Early On In Life

a young boy being taught how to brush his teeth by a children's dentistFrom the perspective of a child, the idea of teeth getting pushed out by other teeth that already reside within jaw bones can be pretty frightening. As unsettling as the reality of teeth may be, children have acclimated to it thanks in part to the mythical Tooth Fairy. Parents and guardians have made use of this long-standing tradition to foster positivity for losing a tooth by gaining a monetary reward. Instead of simply instilling the tradition of the Tooth Fairy in your child’s mind, you could foster a positive tradition of oral health by taking your child to visit their children’s dentist on a yearly basis. Unlike the Tooth Fairy, children’s dentists are real, tangible beings who aid those in need, not only when one loses a tooth but when one is facing any sort of oral health issue. If you’re in the El Paso area, choose Lee Trevino Dental as your pediatric dentistry source!

What To Expect When Visiting a Children’s Dentist 

The main focus of pediatric dentistry is to foster positive oral health habits in the lives of young children. This way, they will grow up with the understanding of the importance of brushing twice per day and flossing as well as eating and drinking healthy foods. Kids often love candy and soda but it’s always a good idea to teach children that certain foods can lead to oral health issues such as cavities.

Children’s dentists focus on different aspects of oral health. Whether you’re wondering how to clean your baby’s teeth or you want your child to avoid getting cavities, a pediatric dentist can help! If your child is facing issues with long-standing habits such as thumb sucking, a pediatric dentist can also help. Checkups are recommended every six months so your child can live a happy, healthy life without any worry of cavities or other oral health issues.

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The tradition of the Tooth Fairy is all well and good but it might be in your child’s best interest to introduce them to the benefit of visiting the dentist. Perhaps make a fun game out of it; with every visit, they get a free comic book or get to watch a movie of their choosing. If parents want their children to build healthy oral habits, they should see their dentist every six months. Lee Trevino Dental is proud to offer dental assistance for El Paso’s children. Give us a call today to schedule your child’s next appointment.

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