Flossing: A Simple, Effective Method to Maintain Healthy Teeth

You’re sitting in the chair, mouth wide open, with the dentist lecturing you about flossing your teeth every night- and they can’t be blamed for it. You may not give it enough attention or importance, but flossing is actually extremely healthy for your teeth. We use our teeth more than we even grant them credit for, but that is exactly why we must take care of them as we do with the rest of our bodies. If you are able enough to brush your teeth twice a day, you are also capable of taking a few seconds to floss every night. Dreamwork makes the teamwork- if you want to be able to take pride in your pearly whites, flossing has to become a daily routine. Let’s go over on why flossing is so important to our dental health. 

Preventing Diseases

Studies show that mouth diseases can be linked to increasing the levels of inflammatory substances in the blood, which can cause blood clots and slow the transfer of blood to the heart. So yes, if you’re wondering if the health of your mouth can affect the entirety of our body, it sure can- and this can be prevented with the simple act of flossing. 

Reaching Tough Corners

Sometimes our tooth-brushes fail to reach certain corners and spaces between our teeth. By flossing thoroughly, the strands are able to clean our teeth of plaque and stubborn pieces of food. 

Gum Friendly

Flossing can strengthen and toughen out your gums. If you find your gums to be bleeding after teeth-brushing, this is a sign that your gums aren’t as healthy as they should be. Flossing your teeth doesn’t call for more bleeding- it actually helps to prevent this from happening!

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