Problems with Dentures that Don’t Fit

woman with long grey hair smiling as a dentist holds up a tooth to her mouthMany people with dentures have dentures that don’t fit. This is very bad for your oral health and can make you very uncomfortable. You need to make sure you get dentures from a qualified dental professional. Professionals can make sure to fit the dentures appropriately to you. Lee Trevino Dental can provide you with dentures that will fit perfectly. Yours will be comfortable for you to wear. If you have lost your teeth or need teeth extracted so you can become a denture wearer, give us a call.

Problems with Dentures That Don’t Fit

If you get dentures that do not fit you, you could develop fungal infections. Ulcers are another risk that could occur from poorly fitting ones. People with a bad fit are also susceptible to a condition known as hyperplasia. This condition occurs when the gum becomes irritated due to a denture not fitting the gum properly. The gum starts to grow into fill the space, which can result in an infection.  Bone shrinkage is a risk of poorly fitting dentures as well, since chewing forces don’t transfer to the bone effectively. When this happens, scar tissue eventually ends up replacing the bone.

Avoid Serious Dental Health Problems

It is imperative that you avoid the serious dental health problems that result from poorly fitting ones. This means it is essential to visit a dentist with experience in fitting patients with the best choices. You should ask your dentist about the process of getting your denture. So this way, you can ensure the dentist takes the right steps to make a mold of your mouth and get ones manufactured that fit it assistant molding custom fitted dentures in an office

Visit Lee Trevino Dental, Today!

Lee Trevino Dental has extensive experience fitting patients in and around El Paso with dentures. We understand the importance of achieving the right fit and we will work hard to get it right the first time. If your fit is not perfect initially, we take the right steps to correct any problems until you get the fit you need. Since they will be in your mouth for long periods of time, you want to have a pair that is as comfortable as possible. This is what we offer at Lee Trevino Dental. Don’t let your dentures cause you pain, contact Lee Trevino Dental instead. We will fit you with the perfect pair and you won’t feel any pain or unpleasantness. 

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