A Dentist Explains The Dangers Of Periodontal Disease

a dentist standing next to a graphic that says "gum disease" .Periodontal disease refers to an infection of the mouth, mostly in the gums and teeth. This disease can include the root of the teeth, the ligaments in the mouth, and even your jaw bone. Just like any other type of infection, if not treated properly and on time it can be very detrimental to your health. Over time, many dentists and scientists have been trying to pin point the exact cause for periodontal disease. Not surprisingly, they have discovered that it is directly linked to the lack of proper dental care. There is a reason that our dentist tells us to brush and floss daily. The bacteria that this daily routine cleanses is a direct cause of periodontal disease.

Causes Of Periodontal Disease And How To Treat It

Periodontal disease can begin with symptoms such as swelling and bleeding of the gums. The main cause for periodontal disease is the accumulation of bacteria in the dental plaque. This plaque is characterized by a sticky substance that forms in the teeth. This is attributed to eating and can remain on your teeth even after brushing. As time passes, this substance begins to harden and calcify, forming a plaque, or a type of shield, around the teeth. Without the proper dental hygiene, it can lead to infection of the gums and jawbone. Unfortunately, once the infection forms it can spread to other parts of the mouth and cause additional problems. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important for you to keep a daily A young woman at the beginning of a dental examination. brushing and cleaning routine. Additionally, you should visit your dentist to have professional teeth cleaning done at least once a year. This will remove any plaque that is beginning to form. In addition, these cleaning can also provide a strengthening fluoride rinse to ensure your tooth enamel’s health and strength.

The Best Dentist With the Best Service

At Lee Trevino Dental, we are fully committed in providing you the best dental services. This includes making sure you understand and have a healthy dental hygiene routine. We offer superior dental services, from teeth cleaning and whitening to crowns and dental implants. Make sure you don’t overlook the symptoms of periodontal disease. Despite common belief, bleeding gums are not a common affliction; it is a sign of infection. Do not wait until it’s too late. Make sure you contact us today to make an appointment. Your mouth, gums and teeth included, will thank you for it!

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