Dental Implants Versus Dentures

smiling woman with a mouth mirror showing the backs of teeth Dental implants and dentures are both ways to address missing teeth. However, dental implants and dentures work very differently. The only thing implants and dentures have in common is that patients need a skilled dentist in order to do either correctly. Lee Trevino Dental can provide you with dentures or a dental implant, depending upon your preferences for dealing with tooth loss. We can also help you understand pros and cons of each solution so you can make the right choice for your oral health.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent implants. Essentially, when you get an implant, a permanent tooth is put into your mouth. The process involves using a titanium post which serves as a tooth root. A dentist implants the post surgically below the gum into the jaw line. Your dentist will then implant the tooth into your mouth. It acts just like a normal, natural tooth. This is because tooth-like material is used to as the implant. It is not removable, it is a perfect fit, and you don’t have long-term restrictions on eating.  Dental implants can be way better than dentures in terms of permanence, comfort, and appearance but implants are also much more expensive. Implants may not be possible for everyone.


Dentures are not implants. They fit into the mouth in order to go where the gaps in your teeth are. If dentures don’t fit in your mouth, you can develop fungal infections or other oral health issues. Dentures are removable and there are long-term restrictions on certain foods.  Dentures, however, can be a far less costly way to deal with missing teeth than dental implants are. In addition, dentures are very popular among senior citizens. This is because dentures aren’t implants so they aren’t painful, given that they fit correctly. They are a great option for anyone who’s looking for comfortable teeth without the fear of pain from surgery. 

Getting Dental Implants or Denturesclose up of dentures and dental implants

Lee Trevino Dental can create dentures for you and can fit you with dentures. We can also implant teeth for you if you believe dental implants are a better solution. Our team of dental professionals will advise you on pros and cons of implants versus dentures and will help you to make the best choice for you. Contact Lee Trevino Dental to find out more about how to address your problems with missing teeth. We have the experience and services available to give you the best results. Choose Lee Trevino Dental today!

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