Keep Your Kids Teeth Healthy During the Holidays

children's dentist helping a child with cavities at his officeWith the holiday season comes food a plenty. Pies, fruit cakes, cookies, candy canes, hot cocoa and more sweets are all around us during the holidays. With all this extra sugar, how can your children’s teeth escape unscathed? If you have young children, then you know their baby teeth are vulnerable to cavities. Not mention children with braces need to be extra careful around sweets. Lee Trevino Dental has qualified children’s dentists to help keep your children’s teeth healthy. If you are worried about your child’s dental health there are a few things you can do.  Here are some helpful tips that will make sure you kids enjoy he holiday without having extra visits to your children’s dentist. The two easiest ways to prevent cavities or tooth decay are to maintain dental hygiene, and to be cautious with sugary drinks.

Maintain Regular Dental Hygiene

Since life gets so busy and rushed during the holidays, it’s easy to skip or be too tired to brush teeth. While skipping a brushing or two occasionally is not likely to cause cavities, consider that the amount of sugar your child consumes has gone up. Skipping a brushing means that all that sugar has a chance to build and harden. This can increase the chance of cavities. Simply continue to brush and floss as direct by your children’s dentist is the most effective way to avoid cavities.

Keep Sugary Drinks at a Minimum

Sodas are some of the worst drinks children under 8 years old can have. These drinks have a lot of sugar and depending on the drink and high acidic counts. Baby teeth are sturdy, but also sensitive. They need a bit more care in order to prevent decay. Sodas are tasty, but can cause lots of damage to their teeth. This does not mean they can’t have sodas, just to try and limit how many. Maybe try one or two and stop. In addition to this, try to avoid letting your children drink sugar on its own. Juice is better but still high in sugar and acid, so drinking it on its own can still bother the teeth. Its best to drink juice or soda with a meal, that way the drink doesn’t stay in the mouth for too long.

Visit Children’s Dentist, Today

The holidays are fun and tasty times of the year. Tooth aches and cavities can spoil all that fun. The people at Lee Trevino Dental can help keep your children’s teeth healthy. You can help your children enjoy the holidays without having to worry about extra trips to the children’s dentist. This does not mean that cannot eat sugar at all, but in moderation. Maintaining regular dental hygiene, and cutting back on some surgery drinks are two easy ways to prevent cavities. The holidays are times of food, family and fun, not dentists. Help prevent tooth aches and cavities by encouraging your children to stay healthy. Contact Lee Trevino Dental today.


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