Caring for Dental Implants — Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Smile Shining Bright!

a businessman with dental implants smilingSometime during our childhoods, most of us learned the proper techniques for cleaning our teeth and gums. We learned to brush our teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled brush, to floss between our teeth consistently, and to avoid eating foods that would increase our chances of tooth decay and gum disease. While caring for our natural teeth is rather simple, however, caring for dental implants requires a slightly more thorough technique. Lee Trevino Dental is ready to help. Here are a few steps that you can implement into your dental routine to make sure your implants last.

Making Dental Implants Last

  • Meticulous oral hygiene

    • The act of cleaning your dental implants can be just as important as cleaning natural teeth. If you fail to brush and floss consistently, plaque will accumulate on your implant crowns and in your gums. As plaque builds up, an infection known as peri-implantitis can develop. This infection causes inflammation to build up around the implant, resulting in bone loss and loss of the implant itself. Considering how expensive dental implants are, you will not want to let poor oral hygiene send you into another implant surgery.
  • Avoid hard foods

    • Chewing on hard foods can compromise the structure of your implants by breaking the crown. If you are a regular ice chewer or really enjoy hard candies, spend some time learning to break the habit. Your smile will thank you!
  • Visit the dentist regularly

    • Professional cleaning is an important component of keeping dental implants infection-free. Dental hygienists consider many factors when performing a cleaning, and they are able to clean plaque and debris that most people have a hard time tending to in basic, daily care. It is recommended that people with implants visit the dentist twice a year for the most long-lasting results.  
  • Quit Smoking

    • Smoking is notoriously bad for natural teeth, and it can be equally disastrous for implants. Smoking causes tartar to build up on your teeth, ruining the appearance of your implants. Beyond making your teeth look unsightly, smoking can also weaken bone structure, increase the chances of gum disease, and contribute to implant failure.
  • Invest in overall health

    • Water is a rockstar when in comes to keeping oral bacteria in check. Staying hydrated will decrease the likelihood of plaque build up and peri-implantitis. Avoid sticky, sugary foods for the most part, but be sure rinse your mouth immediately after indulging if you choose to do so. Remember that the healthier you are overall, the healthier your teeth are likely to be – and the longer your implants are likely to last!

Simplifying Oral Health

At Lee Trevino Dental, we understand that taking care of dental implants can be a learning curve.While they may require slightly more maintenance than natural teeth, however, caring for implants is actually quite simple. With meticulous oral hygiene, the proper diet, and a first-rate dentist, you can contribute to the longevity of your dental implants. Contact Lee Trevino Dental today!


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