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Are Dentures Comfortable?

Dentures can become necessary if you have missing teeth that affect your ability to eat and that affect your appearance. Patients throughout El Paso may get full or partial dentures, depending upon the extent of their dental issues. These dental tools are a less expensive alternative to dental implants. In addition, they can still provide

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How Do Dental Crowns Work?

Dental crowns work in connection with dental bridges to restore damaged teeth. This can make it easier for you to eat and it can fix your unsightly grin. An experienced dentist has to create these dental tools and place them so they can look natural. Lee Trevino Dental has extensive experience with dental crowns and

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What Can Happen if You Don’t go to the Dentist?

There are a lot of people who are afraid to go to the dentist. This is a big problem, because people who get routine dental care are going to have a much healthier mouth. People have a much easier time when they do get dental healthcare. You should not delay a visit to the dentist due

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