Achieving That Hollywood Smile: Celebrities With Porcelain Veneers

smiling young coupleA bright, beautiful smile conveys confidence and joy. In order to achieve and maintain a brilliant smile, it’s necessary to go beyond the toothbrush. Many people choose teeth whitenings, cleaning, and braces to obtain the perfect smile. In some cases, these options may not yield the results you’re dreaming of. You may look at famous celebrities such as George Clooney, Zac Efron, or Demi Moore and envy their immaculate smiles. Their secret? They had cosmetic dentistry! Although some celebrities might’ve hit the genetic lottery (looking at you, Brad Pitt), many have made use of what was available to them in the Hollywood Hills to achieve these seemingly unattainable levels of beauty. The good news is you can perfect your smile with porcelain veneers from Lee Trevino Dental! Next time you smile, you won’t have to worry or feel self conscious. It’s time to bring your smile to the next level.

George Clooney’s Adds to His Roguish Good Looks with Porcelain Veneers

George Clooney has had a vast, storied career. Although he’d already made a name for himself in the early to mid 80s as a cast member of popular television shows such as “ER” and “The Facts Of Life,” Clooney didn’t get his start in film until 1988 with the much maligned film “Return of the Killer Tomatoes!” Throughout the 90s and 2000s, however, Clooney became synonymous with Hollywood handsomeness, winning People Magazine’s coveted Sexiest Man Alive award in 1997 and 2006. But did you know Clooney has porcelain veneers? These additions make his already handsome looks stand out even more. You may be asking yourself, “why would someone as classically handsome as George Clooney need to get porcelain veneers?” The answer is simple. Although veneers are commonly used to restore smiles, they’re also excellent options for individuals who grind their teeth, which George Clooney does when under stress.

Demi Moore’s New Smile Makes Her Look Young and Vibrant

Demi Moore was the epitome of beauty in the 90s. Even today, at the age of 55, Moore still looks as beautiful as ever. Her secret? Porcelain veneers! About a decade ago, Moore’s teeth yellowed with age. This resulted in a less-than-spectacular smile. Moore decided to get porcelain veneers to restore her smile and voila! The smile she was so known for in the 90s suddenly returned. Porcelain veneers are an excellent cosmetic choice for individuals who want to boost their smile without having to undergo extensive surgery. The results are beautiful and breathtaking but, above all else, they look as natural as possible!

Time For Your Close-Up

We often see celebrities as the epitome of beauty, a standard that’s too high to even scratch. But, when it comes to replicating a star’s smile, the options are easily obtainable. If you’re ready for the perfect smile, contact Lee Trevino Dental.

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