The Cold Isn’t The Only Thing That Causes Teeth to Chatter

young woman smiling outside in the cold

Cold weather and chattering teeth go together like presents under a Christmas tree. Although chattering teeth are commonly associated with cold temperatures, it can also occur under other circumstances. Bruxism, anxiety, and stress can all result in chattering teeth. All in all, chattering can cause damage to your teeth. If you’re facing concerns, speak with a dentist from Lee Trevino Dental today.

Why Your Teeth Chatter in the Cold

Chattering teeth most commonly occur during the cold winter months. If your body drops below the required temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, you will begin to shiver in order to regulate your body’s temperature. This shivering is responsible for your chattering teeth. Although putting on an extra layer of warm clothing can help satiate the shivers, the chattering may actually reveal an underlying issue. If you feel pain whenever your teeth chatter, you may be facing oral health issues. Instead of ignoring the pain, visit a dentist as soon as you’re able to.

Bruxism: Taking Chattering to a Whole New Level

The grinding of teeth, also known as “bruxism,” is a common ailment many Americans suffer from on the regular basis. Although bruxism is most common at night, while the sufferer is asleep, it can still occur while awake. The grinding or clenching of teeth can result in pain and wear. Bruxism can actually result in serious damage over time. The teeth of bruxism sufferers can break, crack, or wear down. Although clenching tends to be most commonly associated with bruxism, chattering spasms are common issues as well.

How Stress and Anxiety Affects the Body

As the year comes to a close, people of all ages begin to face more stress and anxiety. Such stress can lead to panic attacks, which cause the body to react in a certain way. When the body faces high stress levels, the heart will pound harder, blood pressure will increase, and teeth may chatter. Nausea and headaches are commonly associated with panic attacks as well.

Get Help from Lee Trevino Dental, Today

If your chattering teeth persist, it may be time to speak to a dentist. This issue can result in pain, wear, and damage. Don’t let your teeth face dental problems. Lee Trevino Dental is ready to help. It’s important to remember that chattering teeth aren’t mutually exclusive to cold weather. If you’re in the El Paso area and you’re facing oral health concerns, contact Lee Trevino Dental today.

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