Teeth Whitening Services — Why Visiting the Dentist is the Best Option


a lady smiling after getting teeth whitening servicesA brighter smile is a great way to boost your confidence. Your teeth become discolored over time. The process is a natural part of aging, however, many try various products to avoid teeth yellowing. Teeth stains can be caused by coffee, tea, soda, and tobacco products. Teeth whitening at Lee Trevino Dental offers several benefits you won’t find in at home products.

At Home Teeth Whitening Products

Almost every toothpaste brand offers a product to whiten teeth at home. Some of these products include mouth rinses, toothpaste, gels, and strips. They all promise your teeth will be several shades whiter after a certain number of uses or amount of time. Most products, however, come with a few problems. Often times the agents used to whiten teeth are not strong enough to make a big difference. Teeth whitening mouthwash and toothpaste, for instance, contain small amounts and are only in contact with the teeth for short amounts of time. At best, these products can prevent further staining.

Products like over the counter whitening strips and gels have been proven to make a difference in teeth color. However, the results take continual usage. Often times people don’t see the product’s promised results because they don’t follow through with the whole treatment. Not only that, often times people with sensitive gums may stop using teeth whitening gels because of the irritation it may cause.

The Convenience of In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatments

The biggest benefit to using in-office teeth whitening is the convenience. You can get the same results, if not better, of a three-week at home product in one to two hours of a dentist visit. Here at our office, we use either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth. We take special measures to ensure your gums don’t come in contact with the gel that can act like an irritant. Because the gel is only used for an hour or two you will not suffer from tooth sensitivity. You can return for a second treatment if the results aren’t as brilliant as you hoped for. However, many of our patients leave satisfied with the results.

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in teeth whitening we suggest coming into the office here at Lee Trevino Dental and getting a quick and easy treatment. You can leave our office with a brighter smile and boost of confidence. Contact us today for more information.

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