Dentures – Fun Facts About these Functional Oral Remedies

a person with their mouth open comparing dentures to the teethDentures are custom-made replacements for missing teeth. They are formed to your mouth and created by your dentist in order to replace lost or removed natural teeth on either the top or bottom gum line. In addition, they also can be taken out and put back into your mouth. They usually take some getting used to, and will never feel exactly the same as natural teeth. Replacing missing teeth help to improve both your appearance and your smile because without support from the dentures your facial muscles will sag and make you look older. Moreover, they help you eat and speak more comfortably. They can be made for all or some of your teeth. Lee Trevino Dental is ready to help.

What are Dentures Made of

Dentures are made of hard resin and are more fragile than natural teeth. They can easily chip or crack if dropped In addition, they also wear down much quicker than natural teeth and need to be replaced with a new set every five years or so. Dentures are custom-made in a dental laboratory with the use of impressions taken of your mouth. If you get full dentures they will come with a flesh-colored acrylic base that fits over your gums. However, if you get only the upper ones,  the base will cover the roof of your mouth. Lower dentures are shaped like a horseshoe to accommodate your tongue.

Complete Dentures

There are two different types of complete dentures. They are conventional and immediate. In order to get the conventional choice, you need to have all of your teeth removed and wait for your mouth to heal. It can take up to 12 weeks. During this time you will be without teeth.

If you opt for immediate dentures, your dentist will take measurements of your mouth and models of your jaw. He or she will then remove your teeth once the lab has created your dentures and it will be placed in your mouth. While you will not be without teeth at any point, you will have to return to have your dentures relined after several months due to the reshaping of the bone during the healing process

The Partial Option

Partial dentures are a removable alternative to bridges and rest on a metal framework that attaches to your natural teeth. They help to ensure that your natural teeth do not shift. However, in some cases, crowns may be placed on some of your natural teeth in order to serve as anchors for the dentures. If you believe that you are in need of dentures and are in the El Paso area, call Lee Trevino Dental for an appointment. Having been in business for almost 40 years, they know how to make patients smile.

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