Tooth Extraction – Overview of the Procedure and Tips to Reduce Pain

smiling woman laughing vigorously While a tooth extraction is a common dental treatment, many people are unaware of all that this procedure entails. The idea of oral surgery can be intimidating. Regardless, a tooth extraction is a simple and standardized surgery that typically does not take more than a couple of days to recover from. Here is a brief explanation of the procedure followed by a few helpful pointers for post-surgery pain reduction. Lee Trevino Dental is ready to take care of your dental health needs. 

A Brief Overview of Tooth Extraction Surgery

When a tooth gets loose or is severely damaged, dental experts sometimes recommend a tooth extraction. Dentists usually attempt to treat damaged teeth with dental treatments such as fillings or crowns if possible, but oral surgery may be necessary if the tooth does not appear to be salvageable. During a tooth removal surgery, dentists completely remove the damaged tooth from the socket. Patients are given a type of anesthesia to relieve pain during the surgery. To replace the missing tooth, dentists may choose to insert a tooth implant. Dentures or bridges are also options. Stitches are commonly used during oral surgery. The gums can be rather sore for a couple days following the procedure.

Post-Surgery Pain Reduction Tips

To minimize pain after a tooth extraction, dental experts recommend that patients utilize the following methods.

  • Eat soft, cold foods.
    • Yogurt and smoothies will be much less painful to eat than a piping hot pizza!
  • Utilize ice packs.
    • Ice packs are essential for alleviating pain and reducing swelling. The pack can be applied to the outside of the mouth – just make sure it is covered by a cloth.
  • Rinse with warm salt water.
    • After 24 hours, this gentle rinse will help reduce pain by keeping the healing area cleansed.
  • Over-the-counter pain killers or prescribed painkillers are likely to help. Discuss pain killer options the the oral surgeon.  

Keep Your Teeth Healthy!

The best way to avoid tooth removal surgery is to engage in preventative maintenance. Proper hygiene and nutrition will help keep teeth clean and disease free. Dentists recommend flossing daily and brushing teeth gently after every meal to prevent the buildup of plaque. If a gum disease does form due to plaque, however, an immediate visit to the dentist is in order. The dentist will determine if a tooth must be extracted to prevent the spread of infection to the other teeth. At Lee Trevino Dental, we take an aggressive and sensible approach to gum disease. We want to keep our patients healthy! Whether teeth are best treated with a filling or with a tooth extraction, we can be trusted  to offer comprehensive and appropriate treatment and have patients feeling back to their smiley selves in no time!

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